Happy Teacher's Day!

5 Sep 2015 | By Ankita
The day teacher's receive all the love!

While the education structure in India is hugely transforming, Teacher's Day signifies the importance to appreciate learning and teaching in the everyday-lives of the common people.

However, as one grows up, one realizes that there exists uncountable 'teachers' apart from those who directly play roles to shape a person.

So, go ahead everyone and appreciate all the 'teachers' who are responsible for your development!

In context: The day teacher's receive all the love!

IntroductionWhy do we celebrate Teacher's Day in India?

India celebrates Teacher's Day to honour Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday since 5 September 1962.

He was an eminent scholar in comparative-religion and philosophy and served as the Vice-President (1952-1962) and the second President of India (1962-1967).

When some of his students wished to celebrate his birthday after he became President, he mentioned that he would be happier if it was observed as Teacher's Day.

World Teacher's Day!

Teacher's Day is distinguished from World Teacher's Day which is celebrated on different dates in various countries. World Teacher's Day is officially celebrated across the world on 5 October.
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4 Sep 2015The nation celebrates Teacher's Day

On the eve of Teacher's Day, Prime-Minister Narendra Modi addressed 800 students and 60 teachers from various schools across New-Delhi.

He delivered a powerful and motivational speech to make the students realize the essence of the teaching profession.

He also emphasized on the importance of teachers in the lives of young kids.

Modi also released a commemorative coin in the honour of Dr. Radhakrishnan.

A glimpse of last year!

Narendra Modi's speech to students on Teacher's Day last year was streamed live in 18 lakh government and private schools with 1000 students present at the venue. It was deemed controversial as attendance was made compulsory for the students.

4 Sep 2015The President turns teacher

President Pranab Mukherjee interacted with school-children on the eve of Teacher's Day.

He spoke for half-an-hour to students at a school within the Presidential-Estate in New-Delhi.

He mentioned that he would be happy if the students address him as "Mukherjee Sir" and not regard him as the President but as a teacher.

He emphasized on the nobility of teachers, citing examples from his student-life.

5 Sep 2015Happy Teacher's Day!

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5 Sep 2015Teacher's Day and childhood nostalgia

Although, teacher's day is designed to be celebrated by all, it holds a special position in the lives of the young minds, especially school-kids.

The elaborate decorations, the meticulously planned gifts, the mirth of joy-making with teachers on this day is a special memory to all school-children.

So, while kids make their teacher's feel exorbitantly loved, the grown-ups dwell in nostalgia of days gone-by!