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30 Apr 2017

Arnab and TOI, what if the nation doesn't care?

What if the nation doesn't care?

Arnab Goswami is back from sabbatical with a marketing campaign that includes, "The nation (still) wants to know" ruffling TOI's feathers.

What appears to be a spat now will probably culminate in a court war.

This episode will have us believe that we need catchy slogans, witty gimmicks and brand recall, when it comes to news.

But what if the nation just doesn't care?

In context

What if the nation doesn't care?
First, let's get our facts straight


First, let's get our facts straight

According to an article by Mint, none of the parties own the rights to those particular words and according to experts, it'll be a tough job to get a trademark for a phrase that is quite common and not hinged to a particular entity.

However, that doesn't stop Goswami from asking for a poll or deter TOI from eyeing the phrase as its own.


Is it all about publicity?

News now needs to shock, titillate, shout and squash rather than just come across in the form of what it is supposed to be i.e., news.

So the campaigning for the same can't lax and considering Republic has Mindshare and Ogilvy, two big names in ad business beside it, and a chance for a solid brand recall, Goswami won't really let this opportunity go.

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Elvis has left the building but let the song stay


Elvis has left the building but let the song stay

TOI may fume and grumble but the fact remains true that millions of people did tune in to their channel everyday to watch Arnab Goswami.

It's more like having an ensemble cast but you know it's Shahrukh Khan who's giving the box-office numbers.

What do you do when your star goes AWOL? Clamour and hustle to keep the phrase that may still have value.


Will the real news anchor please stand up?

Somehow news anchors instead of reading out the news to us have become more known to us for pulling stunts that have nothing to do with news.

We have journalists spewing venom on Twitter and getting replied by a fellow colleague on the same tone or we have black screens with a haunting voice ranting about others' marketing stunts while making one itself.

In a country of millions, where does Journalism stand?


In a country of millions, where does Journalism stand?

India's strength lies in the fact that it is a country that has people from all walks of the society, religion, and ethnicity.

To be well informed they resort to the news and expect that the person who is reading it out to them will tell them the truth.

It, therefore, becomes paramount for those with the responsibility to rise up to the task.


What does the nation (still) want to know?

The nation wants to know both sides of the story and arguments that come from logic and not from laryngitis.

The nations wants to know the truth without having to watch someone say, "This news hour is sponsored by XYZ, LTF, DYI, MNP, QURST and also OUI, KJT, KRA."

The nation also wants it now.

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