Facebook to debut original TV shows from June


07 May 2017

Facebook is all set to challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime

We have all taken a break while binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime to check our Facebook notifications, just to stay connected with updates and notifications.

From June, you may not have to face the dilemma because reports are afloat that Facebook has bumped up its schedule and will premiere its TV shows from June.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Original content

Two dozen original shows in the offing, for starters

Two dozen original shows in the offing, for starters

According to Business Insider, Facebook is ready to go heads on with other live-streaming platforms and will start the journey armed with two dozen original shows; several other shows are slated to follow suit.

With nearly two billion members on its social media platform, Facebook is not going to have much problem in getting people to opt for its streaming services.

Two types

Two separate tiers for the audience

According to the BI report, the content will be divided into two distinctive tiers.

The main tier is going to have motley of big budget TV shows, aimed to give users a binge-watching experience with tailor-made contents like Netflix originals.

The second tier is going to have videos with a running time of 5-10 minutes which will be changed after every day.

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Ricky Van Veen

Getting the right people for the job

Getting the right people for the job

Ricky Van Veen, the co-founder of the viral YouTube channel, CollegeHumor, has been busy after being recruited by Facebook, as the global creative strategy chief to lead its original content drive.

Veen along with his team has been sampling ideas for shows that could be featured on Facebook's new venture, enabling it to have a solid ground to compete with other well-established market players.


Virtual Dating and Hollywood royalty

According to the reports, Facebook has already zeroed down upon a dating show by Conde Nast Entertainment, in which the contestants will have their first-dates via VR rather than meeting in person.

The social-media giant has also roped in some A-list celebrities, and an A-list Hollywood star is reportedly going to feature in one of the initial releases, giving Facebook the razzmatazz it needs.


It's grand but the stakes are high too

It's grand but the stakes are high too

All said and done, Facebook will have to look at several factors if it wants the new initiative to pan out successfully.

From ad-monetization to competing with Netflix, Amazon Prime or even YouTube for the market space, the challenges are paramount.

As for the users, we are just glad to have one more option when it comes to binge-watching.

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