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20 May 2017

Sania Mirza promotes OnePlus on Twitter, gets trolled!

The Android versus iPhone debate

Sania Mirza recently tweeted about OnePlus 3T to create buzz saying she's been using it for few months and totally loves it.

But the tweet generated buzz for all the wrong reasons!

Revealing she was praising OnePlus while using an iPhone, a Twitter user posted a screenshot highlighting "Via Twitter for iPhone".

Sania deleted the tweet immediately, but who can escape Twitterati's wrath?

In context

The Android versus iPhone debate
Twitterati criticizes the tennis star


Twitterati criticizes the tennis star

Sania found herself in an embarrassing situation as Twitterati criticized her for "lying".

While some felt that she needs to up her "#PaidTweet game", some came to her rescue saying people have multiple devices these days.

However, she could just be an iPhone user "paid" to endorse an Android phone.

But, doesn't it all boil down to the Android versus iPhone debate?

Raging Battle

The age old Android vs iPhone battle

For some strange reason, Android and iPhone users love to argue about their smartphone platforms.

iPhone users are seen as the rich peeps who shell out thousands for their gadget and think everything else is junk.

On the other hand, Android users are considered the geeks and the tweakers who care more about the value their products bring to the table.

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Android users often at the receiving end

What really divides is the manner these both platforms define people; the fun stuff is how the users react to each other.

iPhone users are known to rub Android people the wrong way.

But Android users do not miss a chance to flaunt their smartphones that pack a punch for the fraction of the price with features that could even make the iPhone twitch.

iPhone v Android

Features worth fighting for!

What does iPhone have that Android doesn't? - Better looks, 3D Touch, faster updates, the powerful virtual personal assistant Siri, better security, the best syncing experience with other iOS gadgets, and better camera quality.

For Android users only! - More choices in devices, smarter messaging and calling, customization, multitasking via multi-window, better notification system, extra and flexible storage, and multi-user mode.


Your phone really can tell a lot about you!

Turns out, the Android folk are more honest and trustworthy compared to the iPhone lot.

Weird! - But British psychology researchers in 2016 found distinct differences in the personalities of iPhone and Android users after studying 500 of them.

iPhone addicts are also more concerned about their gadget being seen as a status symbol while Android owners are less interested in status and wealth.

The battle goes much deeper

Smartphones play a major role in determining compatibility too. When finding love, one person having an Android phone and the other an iPhone can be a deal breaker, according to a 2017 American survey. iPhone users are particularly pickier when finding their partners.

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