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23 May 2017

If Bahubali were a corporate organization!

According to the latest reports, Bahubali 2, which was made on a budget of Rs. 250 crore, has managed to garner Rs. 1,565 crore till date and is still going strong.

If this movie were a business enterprise and it was its quarterly performance, this huge profit would overshadow some of the latest quarterly performances of the industry majors.

Here's all about it.

In context

Bahubali profits can bail out several industry majors
Telecom industry can do with the help


Telecom industry can do with the help

Telecom majors can use some help from Bahubali 2 to get back in shape.

Airtel's Q4 saw a meager profit of Rs. 373 crore, and Idea cellular posted a consolidated loss of Rs. 328 crore.

This means Bahubali has Rs. 1,192 crore more than Airtel's Q4 earnings and if it decides to help out Idea cellular it will still have Rs. 1,237 crore left.


Wiping off NPA burden would be an easy task

Bahubali 2 may just choose to help out the banking sector instead, as it is suffering from NPAs.

Being a good Samaritan, it can bail out Bank of India, which posted Rs. 1045 crore loss in its Q4 results.

While Central Bank of India in Q4 posted a loss of Rs. 592 crore, Bank of Maharashtra projected a Rs. 455.45 crore loss in Q4.

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Start-ups should not be left behind


Start-ups should not be left behind

If it's looking for a fresh direction, it can also invest in start-ups; it could definitely help out Yatra.com, which reported a Q4-FY17 loss of Rs. 83 crore.

At the same time, it can get itself a piece of MobiKwik, which is looking to raise 1,000 crore and still have Rs. 485 crore in spare change.

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Maybe it's unusual but this is the truth

It is extremely rare for a movie to garner profits that eclipse earnings of industry big wigs and it is highly unlikely that Bahubali 2 would ever draw comparisons on this parameter.

But this rough comparison humorously aims to gauge its mettle, if pitted against the business world.

FYI, Bahubali 2 is expected to cross the Rs. 2,000 crore mark in near future.

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