Father's-Day: Mommies get more love, fathers not complaining

Father's-Day: Mommies get more love, fathers not complaining

18 Jun 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Daddy love: Father's Day lags behind Mother's Day in spending

We might think we love our parents equally but the numbers reveal a different story.

People tend to spend more on Mother's Day than Father's Day.

While the total money spent on Father's Day continues to go up it still lags behind what we spend on mothers.

In the US, $135 is spent for fathers while mothers get $186 worth present.

Wonder why?


Father's Day in history: Historically too, Father's Day was an afterthought

The genesis of Father's Day was more of an afterthought.

While mothers got a day to themselves in 1913, it was not till 1972 that Father's Day was recognized in the US.

In 2016 UK spends on Father's Day card was £1.85 while £2.09 was the average spend on Mother's Day cards.

However, the spending on alcohol on Father's Day was higher.

18 Jun 2017: Daddy love: Father's Day lags behind Mother's Day in spending

Moms get better gifts?: Does this mean we love our fathers less, Probably not!

A consumer psychologist, Dr. Lars Perner, revealed that accelerated buying behavior on Mother's Day was probably because most kids see their mothers having contributed more to the home life.

Moreover, mothers (seen as emotional figures) get more because kids feel the lack of gifts may cause them anguish.

While 40% feel pressured to spend on mothers only 30% feel the obligation on Father's Day.

Don't care for gifts: That must leave our dads feeling horrible. Psychologists disagree!

One would think that this disparity in spending would make our fathers feel cheated but consumer psychologists disagree.

Dr. Perner said dads are not interested in materialistic tokens of love.

Since fathers are not gift-oriented, children don't feel obliged to buy gifts on Father's Day.

However, the total spending on Father's Day has gone up over the years.

Fact: Father's Day catching up, may even surpass Mother's Day spending

While the exact figures are unknown, a survey revealed that the value of products purchased for Father's Day rose by 240% in comparison with a rise of merely 13% for Mother's Day.