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21 Jun 2017

Yoga Day: Meet the yoga trainer who shaped David Beckham

How David Beckham bends?

The world celebrating the third International Yoga Day is proof that yoga has fast gained popularity.

On this day, meet Shona Vertue, the UK's newest celebrity yoga trainer, whose classes are booked ten weeks in advance.

She has, with a combination of yoga, meditation, and weight training, whipped legendary English footballer David Beckham back into shape.

Let's know more about her!

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How David Beckham bends?
Vertue Method: A special yoga combination


Vertue Method: A special yoga combination

Shona Vertue was trained in ballet, gymnastics and weight training.

Later, she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and was hooked; she became a full-time yoga trainer by 2008.

She devised the popular "Vertue Method", which is a combination of yoga and weight training, stressing on glute strength.

She credits the method's popularity to the calmness and energy yoga asanas give.


Yoga leaves people feeling good

Vertue said yoga postures can increase body's flexibility and mobility and reduce injury and pain.

She said no other form of activity encourages synchronization of breath and movement.

This highly meditative, synchronized movement benefits the brain and body, calming the nervous system.

She added, "I don't think any other form of exercise really leaves people feeling as good as yoga does."

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Netflix and Roll: Blending fitness and leisure


Netflix and Roll: Blending fitness and leisure

29-year-old Shona likes blending fitness and leisure.

It includes 'Netflix and Roll' - stretching and foam-rolling while watching a TV series.

She is planning to come to India in Sep'17 and visit Rishikesh and Nagpur to volunteer with Bodhichitta Foundation that educates children and young women.

She added, "This will be just the beginning of a long relationship with India and my heritage."

Shona on new fads like goat yoga and beer yoga

"I've never heard of goat yoga, and beer yoga sounds like a joke. Numbing your sense with alcohol while you practice is antithetical to yogis' philosophy, which encourages you to become sharper in your senses. After all, you can't heal what you don't feel."

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