PETA's unique campaign to promote vegan living


04 Jul 2017

PETA: Meat interrupts your sex life

PETA is now hitting people where it hurts the most. In its latest billboard campaign, in the meat districts of America, the message is loud and clear. If you want more mileage on your love machine, go vegan or face the consequences.

This unique campaigning is certainly making Americans think twice about having meat in their daily meal.

Here's all about it.


For your friend down under

For your friend down under

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals aka PETA's message on the billboards, which they've placed in Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia, America's top producers of beef, pork, and poultry, respectively, is pretty clear.

"Meat Interrupts Your Sex Life!"

If that was not enough, it also has quite unique visuals accompanying it to ensure that the message reaches to everyone out there eating meat.


Make the smart choice

In these billboard campaigns, PETA shows a cow, a pig, or a chicken lying in between couples, who are apparently discontent about where their life beneath the sheets is going.

The message serves as a strict reminder of what may, or in this case may not go down if people continue to survive on artery-clogging meat and dairy foods.

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Weighing in on the pros and cons

Weighing in on the pros and cons

There is, however, merit in this argument. Indeed, people who are opting for low-fat vegan meals are able to ward off several major health hazards such as, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer and yes, impotence.

There is also a humanitarian aspect at play. Every person going vegan saves more than 100 animals from being killed on a yearly basis.


Getting back on the groove

Impotence is something that takes a psychological toll on your mind as well as body. So, if there is an option available which you can avail and is cheaper than going through liposuction or spending money and time in the gym, you should take it.

Healthy living is a sensible choice. Moreover, what's wrong in burning the fire a little higher in romance?

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