Cadbury set to change 'Fruit & Nut' recipe

4 Nov 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Cadbury has decided to give a twist to its Fruit and Nut bar after 90 years

As a part of the change, Cadbury has decided to add sultanas for the first time to bring in variety to the classic flavour. Along with it, the almonds and raisins will stay too.

However, the 'Fruit and Nut' enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their outrage.

In context: A big NO to changing iconic flavours

1985New Coke a marketing failure

Coca-Cola was reformulated as New Coke in the spring of 1985.

This was done to counter the rising popularity of Pepsi.

However, the New Coke was a marketing failure with the American public not being receptive; in fact, it was hostile to the new flavour.

This led to the subsequent reintroduction within three months later of original Coke flavour re-branded as "Coca-Cola Classic".

Strange Coke flavours

There are at least 9 strange Coca-Cola flavours from across the world: Green Tea, Vitamin, Raspberry, Orange, Bacon, Black Cherry Vanilla, Coke Blak, Soda Ok, and Citra Coke.
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2008Maggi's new flavour fails to impress consumers

In 2008, Maggi introduced the new Beef, Oriental, and Curry flavours in New Zealand.

This flavour contained a package of dehydrated vegetables.

Maggi claimed that flavour contained "88% less total fat and 86% less saturated fat" than its average competitors.

However, it had a 31% increased salt content which became the reason why it failed to impress the consumers who wanted the original back.

12 Jan 2015Change in Creme Eggs recipe leaves Britain fuming

Cadbury allegedly changed the recipe of the shell of Creme Eggs which had been a British savoury for 52 years.

Consumers complained that Cadbury had begun using a standard cocoa mix rather than Dairy Milk for the chocolate.

Consumers were left disappointed and complained that the chocolate tasted cheap.

The company also cut down the number of eggs in box from 6 to 5.

7 Jun 2015Consumers hate the new 'Milo'

Nestle introduced the new flavour of its classic Kiwi hot drink Milo but the consumers were less than thrilled.

Nestle added "vitamin D, B3, B6, B12 and took out vitamins A, B1 and magnesium and vanilla flavouring" and said the new variant was healthier.

However, a Facebook page 'Change Milo Back to the old recipe' prompted tons of outrage, with people calling it "disgusting"

4 Nov 2015Cadbury set to change 'Fruit & Nut' recipe

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Twitter's angry rant against Cadbury

Comments like "I hate cadburys...Damn the American ownership running perfectly good sweets!" and "So raisins are being replaced by sultanas in Fruit & Nut Choc. In tests many people couldn't tell the difference. I will, I hate sultanas" abounded on Twitter