Disney is making a Star Wars Hotel for fans

17 Jul 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
Disney will put the entire bell and whistles

Three words - "Star Wars Hotel". That's it, pack your bags, book your tickets and let's just go.

I've tears of joy in my eyes out of that nerdy love in my heart for Star Wars.

Disney just spilled the beans at D23 Expo down in Los Angeles. We are going to have an immersive Star Wars hotel very soon.

Here's all about it.

In context: Disney will put the entire bell and whistles

17 Jul 2017Disney is making a Star Wars Hotel for fans

DetailsPrincess Leia to the rescue?

Disney is playing coy with the details but here's what we have got a whiff of, so far.

In this hotel, you will get all the employees aka cast members, as Disney calls them, in proper Star Wars themed avatar.

I am game, as long as I don't see Jabba the Hutt around. Also, no Darth Vader in customer service desk, please.

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May the force be with you

ForceMay the force be with you

Disney will provide every guest with a specific storyline that will "touch every single minute of your day".

So, a suave intergalactic traveler looking for an adventure or a rebel fighting against the tyranny of Darth Vader or one who feels the force is strong within him/her, will feel right at home in this hotel.

HotelThis will be an adventure of a lifetime

Moreover, it's all taking place in a "galaxy far, far away" i.e. the entire hotel will be a space ship and if you take a look outside the window, you'll only see outer space.

This can be a huge money spinner for Disney if they manage to pull it off without falling short of expectations. This will be housed at Florida's Walt Disney World.