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17 Jul 2017

Virtual Reality gaming just got better with Marvel!

Marvel gets its VR adventure with Hulk, others

Disney's D23 unveiled the Marvel Powers United VR, where you can get into the character of The Hulk, Captain Marvel, or Rocket Raccoon and just go berserk.

It'll be an Oculus Rift-exclusive, which can be a dampener but it also supports multiplayer gaming.

So, you can expect things to heat up quite a bit during the course of the game.

Here's all about it.

In context

Marvel gets its VR adventure with Hulk, others
Another push for Oculus Rift to become mainstream


Another push for Oculus Rift to become mainstream

Disney bundled up this announcement during the "Level Up" gaming panel, where it also talked about the Star Wars: Battlefront II and Insomniac Games' upcoming Spider-Man game.

This particular title is being worked on by Sanzaru Games, which has previously worked on Oculus Rift titles like VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil.

As mentioned earlier, you'll need Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers for it.


Multiplayer experience will attract gamers

The marketing ploy would be to push it as a co-op experience. In Marvel Powers United VR, gamers will be allowed to team up, each assuming a different Marvel character and creating their own brand of chaos in joint missions.

The game will have a 2018 release and more characters for this game will be unveiled by Disney in the upcoming San Diego Comic-con.

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Here's the scoop

Captain Marvel

Here's the scoop

Gizmodo managed an early copy and shared character overview. If you are playing as Captain Marvel, you have levitation and the ability to shoot energy beams out of your hands. Charge up to get a bigger blast.

She is more of a stay-far-and-do-damage kinda girl. To sweeten the pot, you can absorb damages and then unleash it on your opponents.


Hulk is doing what he is good at

If you are going for Bruce banner's alter ego aka the Hulk, you are an agent of brute-force. He is slower than the other characters but he does what he is famous for - smashing enemies with his giant fists.

If you want more destruction, charge up the fists and unleash hell by swinging your arms over the head and down to the ground.

There might be stagnation


There might be stagnation

There is a lot of camaraderie involved like, waving to your fellow gamers and giving them a thumbs up for a successful mission is part and parcel of the game. However, there is a slight hiccup.

The format is not very innovative in nature. Defeat enemies at one end, then move to the next - the cycle repeats itself till you become a boss.


This may be huge, provided they work on it

Then again, it's Marvel and the characters are much beloved. The premise itself is very interactive in nature. You get to smash boxes, throw rockets. So, the odds are equal on every side.

It's expected that more levels and characters added to the title will give it a much more stable outlook in future. It has the potential to be big with proper tinkering.

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