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20 Jul 2017

GoT Season 7 Premiere Effect: Pornhub traffic decreases!

Looks like the 'winter' is upon Pornhub.com! Game of Thrones did what nothing else could do: dragging people away from PORN!

The porn streaming website witnessed a significant decrease in visitor traffic on 16 July as the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered on HBO.

When the season's first episode 'Dragonstone' was airing, Pornhub's traffic fell by a whopping 4.5%.

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In context

'Game of Thrones' hurts visitor traffic to Pornhub

A considerable change in visitors, says Pornhub

Pornhub wrote on its website: "Our statisticians found that across the United States, traffic to Pornhub was down by 4.5% during the (GoT) airing. That's a considerable change in visitors as Sunday night is one of the most popular times for people to visit Pornhub."

Not the first time GoT affected Pornhub

GoT Effect

Not the first time GoT affected Pornhub

In Apr'16, when GoT's Season 6 was premiering, Pornhub saw a drop of 4.1% in its visitor traffic.

During the finale of the sixth season on 26 June, the traffic to Pornhub was down by 5.2%, the biggest GoT-related traffic drop so far.

Though S06E01 had the answer to "Is Jon Snow really dead?" suspense, S07E01 had a much greater effect on Pornhub.

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'Dragonstone' breaks several records!

HBO said 16.1 million subscribers watched 'Dragonstone'; the number is 50% more than the sixth season premiere's viewers.

While 10.1 million of the subscribers watched it live, the other 6 million chose DVR and streaming.

'Dragonstone' is "the most-watched season premiere" for any of HBO's series and also had the "highest number of concurrent viewers" on HBO Go and HBO Now streaming platforms.

This year's opener also the most tweeted-about

'Dragonstone' was also the "most tweeted-about" episode in the 'Game of Thrones' history. It attracted over 2.4 million tweets, most of which talked about Arya Stark's cold opening scene and also Ed Sheeran's cameo, which annoyed many GoT fans.


Do GoT fans watch a lot of porn?

Not saying that GoT fans are porn addicts, but it appears like they watch a lot of porn.

Shortly after the dramatic opening of GoT S07, Pornhub's visitor traffic shot back up.

Pornhub will continue to follow up to see how the seventh season impacts its numbers in comparison to the sixth.

Pornhub, which turned 10 in May'17, is reportedly the largest porn website.

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