Chester Bennington's death: Another life lost to drugs, depression, suicide

21 Jul 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Most of the Linkin Park fans woke up to the sad news of Chester Bennington's suicide.

While open about his abusive childhood, he had also been candid about his struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.

Bennington said he had harbored suicidal tendencies after his divorce but he battled through.

Many believe that the recent suicide of Chris Cornell broke him.

In context: Understanding celebrity suicides: Why do the talented suffer?

The casualties of fameWhen fame becomes an addiction: Hendrix, Houston, Michael Jackson

Talent and maturity, often don't see eye to eye. While most stars have humble beginnings, sooner or later fame starts affecting their lives.

Few like Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson who were considered to be the pioneers of new music, all died under influence.

While Houston tried to 'clean up her act', it was believed that Jackson's lawsuit never stopped haunting him.

Recovery- It's never easyRecovering from the downward spiral is sometimes impossible- Kobain, Winehouse

People had started comparing Amy Winehouse to Kurt Cobain for her ability to convey what most of the fans felt through music.

While the deaths of the stars differed, they led tortured lives, shadowed by their dependence on substances.

While on a downward spiral, both stars were trying to recover and then slipped, all the way into the death hole.

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When depression takes over

DepressionWhen depression takes over

Depression often casts its ugly shadow on the talented. While loved and revered by fans and surrounded by luxury, they live disjointed, lonely lives; many ending in suicides.

Robin Williams's death shocked the world because he was an excellent actor known for his comic timing, but no one knew he had been battling depression.

Even Heath Ledger's death showed how vulnerable the talented are.

When the high tide endsWaning careers often become a reason for suicide

The nature of fame by definition makes it transitory, however, most celebrities don't know how to live away from the fanfare.

Take the much talent Ernest Hemingway for instance, who shot himself because when his health deteriorated, he could not complete many of his works.

Many become addicted to alcohol and drugs (often depression) when the 'roll' ends.

21 Jul 2017Chester Bennington's death: Another life lost to drugs, depression, suicide

Bennington dies on friend Cornell's birthday

Bennington hanged himself on his friend Chris Cornell's birthday and some believe that this may have triggered the death. Anniversaries remind people of those gone and "becomes a time of risk for people who are hopeless and hurting."