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17 Aug 2017

Ashutosh Gowariker making World War-II film, based on a Maharaja

Ashutosh Gowariker's next filmmaking project

Indian period dramas seldom satisfy critics; most filmmakers, including Ashutosh Gowariker, have been under fire for misrepresenting historical events.

His last project Mohenjo Daro, starring Hrithik Roshan, turned out to be a box-office disaster.

However, he now wants to "right the wrongs" of Mohenjo Daro with another period drama, based on a Maharaja who helped Polish refugees during World War II.

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In context

Ashutosh Gowariker's next filmmaking project
A home away from home for Polish refugees

The Maharaja

A home away from home for Polish refugees

During World War II, Maharaja Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji Jadeja of Nawanagar (now Jamnagar), saved the lives of over 650 Polish refugees and orphans.

The War had torn apart Poland; some people managed to escape, but no country helped them.

When the Maharaja heard about the refugees, he welcomed them into his province; he set up 'Little Poland' for the refugees, protecting them from Soviet Captivity.

A square named in honor of the Maharaja

In Poland's Warsaw, a square has been named "Good Maharaja's Square" after Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji to recognize his service to Polish refugees. The square was opened in 2012 in memory of the late Maharaja who died in 1966.

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Mohenjo Daro

The Mohenjo Daro box office failure

Gowariker's last directorial, Mohenjo Daro, is a fictitious story set in the prehistoric Indus Valley in 2016 BC with Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead.

Following the release in August last year, the Rs. 120cr high-budget period love story had tanked at the box office.

The film not only drew intense criticism from audiences but was also dismissed by the critics.

Online mockery for its many anachronisms

The mega-budget Mohenjo Daro was also trolled for several of its anachronisms right from the beginning. Many online users pointed out errors in the movie. Let's hope Gowariker gets it right with his next project based on the Maharaja.

Who is going to play the Maharaja?

Next Project

Who is going to play the Maharaja?

Though Gowariker has not spilled any details about who he will be teaming up with for the period drama, earlier reports suggest that Hrithik Roshan could be roped in.

However, there have been rumors about a tiff between Gowariker and Roshan following the Mohenjo Daro debacle.

Also, after the failure, Gowariker is reportedly unable to get producers for his next project.

Acquisition of rights

If reports are to be believed, Gowariker's banner has acquired the rights to produce a film on the Maharaja. The filmmaker got the permissions from the royal family as well as five of the Polish refugees who are now in Poland.

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