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26 Aug 2017

Free Wi-Fi at Delhi's Blue Line metro stations!

Free Wi-Fi at Delhi Metro stations

There's good news for Delhi Metro commuters. All 50 stations on the Blue Line have now been fitted with free Wi-Fi facility!

The 50-km line, from Vaishali to Dwarka, is the largest Delhi Metro corridor that's currently active.

Stations on the Yellow Line and trains on the Airport Line are next on the list. Stations on the latter got Wi-Fi connectivity last October.

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Free Wi-Fi at Delhi Metro stations

How can you access free Wi-Fi?

To access free Wi-Fi, commuters need to connect to 'Oui DMRC Free Wifi' and login. They can then access email, Facebook, Google as well as video chat and even live-stream cricket and football matches, the DMRC said.

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