#GorakhpurTragedy again? 61 children dead in three days at BRD

30 Aug 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Another 61 children die at Gorakhpur's BRD Hospital

Panic has again spread at the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur, which saw over 60 deaths in a few hours due to alleged lack of oxygen earlier this month.

In the past three days, the hospital has recorded 61 deaths of children. They have been attributed to encephalitis, pneumonia, sepsis, health complexities in newborns and more.

Local doctors warn the number is set to increase.

In context: Another 61 children die at Gorakhpur's BRD Hospital

30 Aug 2017#GorakhpurTragedy again? 61 children dead in three days at BRD

FiascoThe previous fiasco was blamed on the administration

After over 60 children died at BRD in a matter of hours around August 12, a blame game had erupted. Despite widespread reports claiming oxygen supply had been disrupted due to non-payment of bills, the hospital administration, as well as the government, denied the allegations.

In his report, the Gorakhpur DM confirmed oxygen deprivation was the cause. But a central committee report claimed otherwise.

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FaultIs the government and management to blame again?

On August 27, 28 and 29, 11 deaths were reported in the encephalitis ward, 25 in the general pediatric ward, and another 25 in neonatal intensive care unit.

According to Dr RN Singh, "Insufficient homework was done to control the outspread of AES in January, and thereafter the entire machinery remained busy in the UP elections."

Singh added heavy monsoon worsened matters.

The government has taken steps, but are they enough?

After the August 12 tragedy, the government had increased the number of doctors and paramedical staff at BRD, but a large inflow of patients meant wards remain packed; one bed has to be shared by as many as three-four children.