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02 Sep 2017

World Bank suggests safety measures for Indian Railways

What did World Bank suggest to Indian Railways?

The World Bank, in a recent report, has proposed several recommendations for the Indian Railways.

It has asked the Indian Railways to bolster their safety measures for both the workers and the passengers.

The report, titled "Strengthening Safety on Indian Railways" was submitted to the Indian Railways earlier this week.

The report is a result of Suresh Prabhu's request for a study on safety.

In context

What did World Bank suggest to Indian Railways?

Safety measures

The proposed safety measures

The World Bank advised the Indian Railways to adopt several safety measures.

Among them, the most prominent are painting trains yellow, having fire extinguishers on every train, providing four-hour maintenance sessions on all main lines, and providing high-visibility clothing for employees.

It also proposes "ditch lights" for trains to make them more visible at night.

More measures

World Bank suggests emergency measures

The primary ones apart, the World Bank also recommended several measures.

It has recommended level crossing paths to have paths marked with a cross-hatched pattern to highlight dangers of being in such an area.

It also talked about crucial emergency response measures depending on circumstances.

The report, in general, suggested general technical measures to ensure better safety measure in the Indian Railways.

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