Bihar Water Resources Minister blames rats for flooding

02 Sep 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Missing alcohol, embankment damage: Blame it on rats!

Bihar's Water Resources Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh blamed the rats for the floods in the state.

He claimed rats had destroyed the river embankments which had caused the floods.

He reasoned that people living around stored grain on the embankment which caused the rodent infestation.

He, however, said that "even these holes in the embankments were plugged by the government within 72 hours."

In context: Missing alcohol, embankment damage: Blame it on rats!

04 May 2017Liquor gone missing, Bihar cops blame rats

It seems like Bihar's rats have become alcoholic i.e. if Bihar cops are to be believed.

Media reports drew attention towards the liquor worth crores of rupees that had gone missing from the Bihar Maakhanas.

Upon inspection, Patna SSP Manu Maharaj was told that rats in the maakhanas had consumed the alcohol.

Sensing foul play, the SSP initiated random alcohol tests on cops.

Embankments break displacing 1.70 crore of Bihar's population

In another news, the floods have wreaked havoc in Bihar and many big rivers like the "Kamla Balan, Kosi, Gandak and Bagmati broke their mud embankments". As a result, approximately 1.70 crore population in Bihar has been displaced.
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02 Sep 2017Bihar Water Resources Minister blames rats for flooding

Lalu takes a dig at the minister's rat comment

The real rodentLalu takes a dig at the minister's rat comment

Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad, who has been constantly criticizing the government for turning a blind eye to the people tormented by floods, was quick to retort.

He said that the minister and not the rat was "the biggest rodent" and this was their way of hiding their failure.

He said he would expose them for "causing such huge destruction".

02 Sep 2017Deputy CM too blames floods on Lalu and rats

Towing the line of Bihar Water Resource Minister, even Bihar's Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi blamed the rats and Lalu for the embankment destruction.

He said that this had been happening for the last 50 years when Congress and Lalu Yadav's Government was in power.

His comments came after Lalu called those in power the biggest 'rodents'.