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04 Sep 2017

250 Mumbai University students 'fail' due to careless paper checking

Mumbai University now in news for 'human errors'

Students of Mumbai University have had a harrowing exam session. For the last two months, lakhs had to deal with delayed results that halted their future plans. The university's new digital evaluation system turned out more messy than revolutionary.

Now 250 law students have failed, this time due to human error.

A moderator mistook a crucial record box for something else and caused chaos!

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Mumbai University now in news for 'human errors'
What happened?


What happened?

A senior law professor made a careless mistake while moderating papers of Semesters VI and X of LLB courses.

In the box meant for 'total marks after revision', she instead entered the 'total marks revised'; thus for someone who had scored 60 earlier and 66 after moderation, she entered 6!

More than 250 of the 950 papers she moderated scored in single digits and 'failed'.


So what did the university do?

The error came to light when several students approached the university over unexpectedly low marks: the administration noticed many had scored well in other papers, which was unusual.

As a result, all 950 papers had to be moderated again. Results have been delayed by three days at least.

The Board of Examinations would decide on action against the teacher.

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Mumbai University in the news for all the wrong reasons

Digital evaluation

Mumbai University in the news for all the wrong reasons

This time, the Mumbai University introduced digital evaluation of answer scripts though an on-screen system.

What was meant to ensure a smoother process ended up in a mess due to inefficient implementation at various stages.

Results of lakhs of students were held up as the university raced against time to furnish results for all.

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