Glitches hit Lucknow Metro on first day


06 Sep 2017

Troubles galore on Lucknow Metro's first day of operations

The UP government made a huge pomp and show of the launch of the Lucknow Metro, even inviting Home Minister Rajnath Singh for the inauguration.

But people were probably not expecting it to malfunction on the first day itself.

More than 500 passengers remained stuck inside a train for an hour this morning till a rescue train arrived and took them ahead safely.


What happened?

What happened?

The second train of the day broke down at Mawaiya. The lights and AC went off and people were stuck.

The rescue team took over 20 minutes to reach. Officials said there was some fault in the train's traction; other trains were running fine.

Though the metro was supposed to save time, passengers, many of whom were going to catch a flight, were delayed.


Who's fault is it: Adityanath of Akhilesh's?

Ironically, the launch triggered a war of words between the BJP and SP; in a message aired on television, CM Adityanath claimed PM Narendra Modi's "dream" was finally being realized.

Then former CM Akhilesh Yadav tweeted photos of him with the Metro team and congratulated staff for making "our dream" come true.

Now that this happened, we wonder who will take the blame.

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