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09 Sep 2017

Rajasthan: One killed, several injured in violent local-police clashes

At least one killed in clashes in Jaipur

At least one person died and 12 were injured after clashes broke out between locals and police in Rajasthan's Jaipur yesterday night.

Violent mobs attacked a police station and set fire to vehicles and a power station.

Curfew has been imposed in Subhash Chowk, Manak Chowk, Galta Gate and Ramganj police station areas. Mobile internet has been suspended.

In context

At least one killed in clashes in Jaipur
What happened?


What happened?

Violence erupted after cops detained a youth over "certain offences on road". The youth and his family exerted pressure and allegedly misbehaved with the police.

In the melee, a stick being carried by a cop reportedly hit a female relative who was abusing the cops verbally.

The family then created a scene. People gathered and the mob went on a rampage.


Some cops were injured in the ensuing chaos

Stones were hurled at the police station. Rioters damaged the police jeep and set afire the 108 ambulance parked at the station.

Some cops were injured. Even journalists were attacked.

Police were called from other stations but they couldn't stop the violence. Eventually, senior officials arrived. Shots were fired in the air and the mob was brought under control.

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