Orlando Bloom back in India, visits Taj Mahal

21 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Having been deported from India on 20 December 2015, Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom finally made it back to India on a revised visa.

This became possible only after former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh asked Sushma Swaraj to intervene in the matter, thereby, getting a Tatkal (urgent) visa issued to the British actor.

Orlando Bloom visited the Taj Mahal in Agra with Amar Singh.

In context: Orlando Bloom and the deportation drama

20 Dec 2015Orlando Bloom deported from India

In a dramatic turn of events, actor Orlando Bloom who was in India as a UP "state guest to promote tourism and was extended an invitation by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav" was deported back.

Bloom arrived in Delhi from England on 19 December by a British Airways Flight, but due to visa issues was deported by a 4 a.m. British Airways flight.

20 Dec 2015Why Bloom had to be deported?

Vikas Swarup, a spokesman for India's Ministry of External Affairs explained that "deficiencies in his electronic tourist visa" led to Orlando Bloom's deportation from India.

Orlando Bloom who had applied for an e-visa weeks before visiting India realised that his visa application had been rejected only upon reaching India and hence was asked to take the flight back.

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Fewer than 1% tourists avail 'visa on arrival'

According to a study published fewer than 1% of tourists who arrived in India in 2014 used the “tourist visa on arrival” service because of a lack of clarity on official websites of the rules for the application process.

20 Dec 2015War of words: Swarup and Amar Singh lock horns

Amar Singh had initially stated that ''Orlando's office was never informed that the visa has been rejected for whatever technical fault''.

However, Vikas Swarup said that anyone applying for e-visa gets a mail stating if the visa has been accepted or rejected.

He added that if Shah Rukh would have gone to the US without a visa, he would have been deported too.

21 Dec 2015Did he 'really' have to be deported?

A senior airport official said that Orlando could have been stopped from getting deported as there were provisions that could have allowed him to stay.

According to the Bureau of Immigration, Bloom could have been "allowed to stay for up to 72 hours by being issued a temporary landing permit" since he is a celebrity but the option wasn't explored and he was deported.

21 Dec 2015Orlando Bloom back in India, visits Taj Mahal