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20 Sep 2017

India and China's performance would shape the world: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi discusses India's relationship with China, US

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said despite the paths India and China take, their performance would affect how the world would be shaped in the future.

"India and China are two huge countries that are transforming from agricultural countries to urban modern model countries. And that's a huge chunk of the world population," he told students at Princeton University.

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Rahul Gandhi discusses India's relationship with China, US
"Cooperation and competition between India and China"


"Cooperation and competition between India and China"

"There are two large migrations taking place- one is completely free and the other is centrally-controlled," he said. "It's not my place to say whether China should be democratic."

But there's "cooperation and competition" between the two countries. "We have to figure out how to get jobs. We have to basically compete with China," he said, adding India isn't doing that well.


Job creation is India's biggest challenge, Gandhi says

Gandhi says India's biggest problem is job creation. "30,000 youngsters are coming daily, only 400 jobs are being made," he said, adding the "the targeting of 'Make-in-India' should be different."

Elaborating on India's future, he said: "Does India have a vision (like China)? What does that vision look like? How much cooperation is going to be with them? These are the questions going forward."

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"Lot of synergy" between India and US


"Lot of synergy" between India and US

Commenting on India's relations with US, Gandhi said there's "a lot of synergy" between them.

"Historically India has maintained balance (in relationship). So India has had a relationship with China and Russia" as well as the US, he said.

"But balance is also important in terms of all the other countries. So there's a slight difference between us and the government," Gandhi said.

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