Sikhs protest over youth's death at Police's hands

23 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

The Sikhs took to the streets in Telangana protesting against the shooting of a Sikh techie by the local police.

They shouted slogans against the police for firing directly at the boy's chest when there were other ways to nab the victim.

The Sikh community demanded that strict action be taken against the police inspector who had shot the youth- Balwinder Singh.

In context: Sikh outrage in Telangana over youth's death

22 Dec 2015Sikh Youth goes berserk; shot down by police

A software engineer was shot dead by the Telangana police in the Laxmi Nagar area.

The Sikh youth went charging from his house in the same area, wielding a sword "attacking his parents and civilians with a sword, and assaulting policemen who tried to restrain him."

When he tried to draw a constable's weapon he was shot down by the police in defense.

Parents of the dead youth hospitalised

The dead youth's parents have both been hospitalised. His mother though recovering is in shock and is not being able to talk to anybody at the moment. The father who was severely injured by his deceased son is in the hospital too.
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22 Dec 2015Depression- the likely reason for youth's deranged behaviour

Sources claim that the youth who was shot down was suffering from depression.

Reports suggest that the youth Balwinder Singh was undergoing therapy for psychological problems after his failure to clear the civil services exam the he had appeared for.

Experiencing a nervous breakdown, Balvinder also hurt himself with the sword that he used to assault others and damaged the windshield of someone's car.

A studentWho was Balwinder Singh?

Sardar Balwinder Singh, the youth shot down in Telangana was a "bright and intelligent student from his school days and secured top marks in all examinations".

Working in a reputed IT firm in Bengaluru, he had secured the sixth rank in ICET and had even joined NIT Warangal for pursuing MCA.

His parents said that their son had secured 98% in SSC examination.

23 Dec 2015Sikhs protest over youth's death at Police's hands

23 Dec 2015Police claims that they shot the youth in defence

A town Inspector, Vijayasaradhi defended the police's actions saying that the police was forced to open one round of fire to neutralise the youth.

He said that if they hadn't shot him "he would have rushed to the RTC bus stand area and attacked more people."

The police also refuted the allegations that the police had purposefully opened fire on Balwinder Singh.