12 Oct 2017

How much do metro rides in Indian cities cost?

Two days ago, Delhi Metro fares were hiked for the second time in five months. The final result: a 100% hike over the period.

After the first hike, daily ridership had fallen by two lakh.

The AAP vehemently opposed it as "anti-people". The DMRC and Centre defended it as necessary.

But is the Delhi Metro actually affordable anymore? We compare with other cities.


What are the new ticket prices on the Delhi Metro?

Journeys between 2-5km will cost Rs. 5 more, and beyond 5km will cost Rs. 10 extra.

New rates of journeys upto 2km is Rs. 10; 2-5km Rs. 20; 5-12km Rs. 30; 12-21km Rs. 40; 21-32km Rs. 50; and beyond 32km Rs. 60.

Smart-card users will get 10% off, and additional 10% till 8am, 12-5pm, and after 9pm.

Fares on the Airport Line remain unchanged.


Mumbai Metro fares have remained unchanged

The Mumbai Metro started with a fare structure of Rs. 10-20-30-40 for a 11.4km corridor. Fares have remained unchanged since its launch in 2014.

However, discounts on return journey, store and trip passes have been changed.

In 2015, the Fare Fixation Committee allowed the Metro to charge from Rs. 10 to Rs. 110, but the HC shot down the decision.

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10-15% hike in Bengaluru metro fares in June

10-15% hike in Bengaluru metro fares in June

In Bengaluru, fares range from Rs. 10-45 on the 18km East-West Corridor, and Rs. 10-60 on the 24km North-South Corridor.

There's 15% discount on multiple journey tickets, 19-23% on trip tickets and 10% on group tickets (25 or more passengers).

In June 2017, there was a 10-15% fare hike.

The Bangalore Metro Railway Administration decides ticket prices.


In Lucknow and Jaipur, number of stations travelled decides fares

In Lucknow, number of stations decides fares. Charges are Rs. 10 (one station); Rs. 15 (two stations); Rs. 20 (three-six stations); Rs. 30 (seven-nine stations); 40 (10-13 stations); Rs. 50 (14-17 stations); and Rs. 60 for more than 18 stations.

For Jaipur, there are different off-peak/peak fares (before/after 5pm): Rs. 6/11 (upto two stations); Rs. 11/17 (three-five stations); and Rs. 17/23 (six-eight stations).


Here are the fares for Chennai, Kochi and Kolkata

Here are the fares for Chennai, Kochi and Kolkata

In Chennai, it is Rs. 10 for upto 10kms; Rs. 40 for 10-21kms; and Rs. 60 beyond.

For Kochi, fares range between Rs. 10-50. There are slabs of Rs. 20-30-40. Metro Cards offer upto 20% discount.

Kolkata, India's oldest metro, charges according to distance covered: Rs. 5 (0-5km); Rs. 10 (5-10km); Rs. 15 (10-20 km); Rs. 20 (20-25km); and Rs. 25 (25-30km).

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