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26 Oct 2017

One juvenile arrested for rape every 4 hours in India

It's not just adult men who rape or molest.

The figures of the union home ministry's recently-released crime data are a testimony to the cruel truth. According to it, at least one minor was arrested for rape every four hours in India in the last three years. In the same time period, one juvenile was apprehended every two hours for sexually assaulting a woman.

In context

Over 6,000 minors held for rape between 2014-2016

Number of juvenile arrests for rape consistent since 2014

Over 2,000 minors were held for rape and 1,627 nabbed for assaulting women in 2016. The number of juvenile arrests for rape has been consistent since 2014 - one in every four hours. Between 2014-2016, 6,039 were held for rape and 4,997 for sexual assault.

Way out

What do these numbers mean?

Indian women are not safe. Not in their houses, workplaces or in the public space. These numbers highlight that immediate and long-term measures need to be taken to remedy the situation.

Including sex education in schools and colleges, making martial rape a punishable offence, legalizing prostitution, and increasing visibility and participation of women in the public domain can be a good way to start.

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Minors older than 16 years can be tried as adults

In India, minors older than 16 years can be tried as adults for heinous offences. The Juvenile Justice Board decides whether to try a minor as a juvenile or an adult. The accused is sent for rehabilitation, should the board decide against a trial.

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