Aarushi Talwar murder: Talwar couple breaks silence

29 Oct 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray

After being acquitted from the double-murder case of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar have finally broken their silence.

In an interview with Hotstar the dentist couple described their ordeal during the four years of incarceration they faced, and praised the people who helped them to reintegrate themselves into society.

Here are the details.

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29 Oct 2017Aarushi Talwar murder: Talwar couple breaks silence

Aarushi was always in the couple's thoughts

"It was a very emotional moment for us. We were thinking of and missing Aarushi. That's one tragedy we can't push past," said Nupur Talwar, emphasizing that Aarushi hadn't left their thoughts despite their acquittal.
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Dr. Rajesh Talwar acknowledges peoples' support

Rajesh TalwarDr. Rajesh Talwar acknowledges peoples' support

Dr. Rajesh Talwar acknowledged the role of a friend who had helped them settle down in prison, had given their life some direction, and had helped them survive incarceration.

He added that during the "extreme period of helplessness" in the two years after their bail had been rejected in 2012, helping people in prison and talking to them had helped the couple cope.

Nupur TalwarNupur Talwar's comments to the media

Recalling her daughter Aarushi fondly, Nupur Talwar said that the "huge void" left after Aarushi's murder "will never be filled".

She recounted sleeping beside a girl in prison whom she had grown fond of and in whom she could "see a lot of Aarushi".

Nupur Talwar said that she had survived her four years of incarceration because she "had that young girl beside her."

Dr. Rajesh Talwar is "gladly" willing to help Hemraj's family

When asked if the system had failed them, the couple said that the answer was "clear to everybody". Dr. Rajesh Talwar also offered help to Hemraj Banjade's family, saying that he is "gladly" willing to help.

Societal re-integrationSocietal re-integration had been a "scary" experience

The couple, who were acquitted on 12th October 2017, had earned a lot of respect in prison owing to their work in the prison's dental clinic.

However, the couple said that societal re-integration had been "scary" and a return to normalcy was something that they were "slowly learn[ing]".

They also spoke about how public perception changed after they were released from prison.