Triple murder in upscale Kolkata neighborhood

17 Jan 2016 | By Gaurav
Kolkata triple murder case

Three people including a woman and her two sons were found murdered in their Kolkata home in the plush Palm Avenue area.

The husband was found lying in the house with deep cuts on his neck; however he survived.

At least three other people were present in the house when the incident took place.

The police are investigating the matter.

In context: Kolkata triple murder case

Who Who were the victims?

The victims were 35 year old Jessica Fonseca and her two sons Darren and Joshua, 16 year old twins, studying in class 9.

The father, 49 year old Neil Fonseca, owns an interior design business and is stated to be in critical condition and was admitted to the hospital.

The Fonsecas were a well to do family, who largely kept to themselves.

Circumstances Under what circumstances were they found?

The Fonseca's daughter Samantha and grandmother Sabana were in the adjacent room, and were reportedly awake until 4:30am.

They stated that they did not hear any arguments or other noises coming from the room.

A friend of Neil Fonseca, came home at 8am, and Sabana went to wake up the family in the next room, when Neil opened the door covered in cuts, bleeding.

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What did Neil Fonseca say about the case?

Neil FonsecaWhat did Neil Fonseca say about the case?

In a statement to the police, issued from the hospital, Neil Fonseca stated that he killed his wife after he found her slitting the throats of their two sons.

He said he saw her killing their sons when he woke up to use the bathroom at 4:30am.

He stated that a fist-fight ensued and he killed her in self defence, using a dumbbell.

Police What have the initial investigations revealed?

Neil Fonseca is the prime suspect in the case as of now.

The family had gone to a club on Park street till late that night and witnesses say the family seemed happy and 'normal'.

Neil's statements about an argument and fight at 4:30 am is suspicious because the daughter mentioned that she was awake till 4:30 and did not hear any noises.

Chilling memories

The case has brought back memories of the chilling murder of a woman and her son in their flat in Garfa, Kolkata in January last year. The case has also been likened to the Arushi Talwar murder case due to similar circumstances.

17 Jan 2016Triple murder in upscale Kolkata neighborhood