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16 Nov 2017

Indian Railways steps up scrutiny of workers' attendance

Indian Railways, continuing its efforts to increase employee efficiency, has announced new rules to mark attendance: department supervisors will now be handing out certificates stating an employee was present.

The circular also advised supervisors to carry out random checks.

Names of unauthorized absentees will be listed and reviewed.

This is the latest in a series of orders aimed at increasing workers' productivity.

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Indian Railways steps up attendance scrutiny
Why the new orders?


Why the new orders?

The Railways noticed that many times, workers would come in the morning, sign the muster and leave, either for personal work or for union activities.

To counter such habits, officers/supervisors will now certify that all employees receiving salaries were present on duty for the period.

Every department will also review the attendance register and remove employees whose attendance is marked by proxy.


Railways to implement Aadhaar-based attendance system from 2018

The Railways has said it will implement Aadhaar-based biometric attendance management system from January 31, 2018.

Initially, the system would be implemented in offices across all zones, divisions, factories and production units, railway workshops and at Metro Rail Kolkata.

Then it'll be installed in other Railway offices including public undertakings and subordinate offices.

CCTV cameras will also be installed along with biometric machines.

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'Administration should focus on filling up vacant posts'


'Administration should focus on filling up vacant posts'

Praveen Bajpai, general secretary, Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh, said: "The staff knows its responsibilities well. There is no need for anyone to monitor."

"Rather, the administration should concentrate on filling up over 2.5L vacant posts," he added.

Ajay Singh, divisional secretary, Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh, rejected complaints of skipping work: "It's not as if employees leave after signing. There's a lot of work."

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