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22 Nov 2017

First loot by Delhi's wedding gangs reported near Connaught Place

Delhi's notorious 'Band, Baaja, Baarat' thieves, who mix with guests at weddings and steal, are back.

A bag containing valuables worth Rs. 2 lakh was reportedly stolen from the bride's mother at a Jai Singh Road wedding on Saturday.

New Delhi's deputy commissioner of police BK Singh said the theft resembled the loots reported at Delhi-NCR weddings last year.

How do these gangs work?

In context

Delhi's 'Band, Baaja, Baraat' thieves are back!
10-year-old boy who disguised as guest suspected behind robbery


10-year-old boy who disguised as guest suspected behind robbery

The complainant was Mariamma Josh, a senior nursing staff at Apollo Hospital and a resident of Mayur Vihar.

She reportedly suspects a 10-year-old boy, disguised as a guest, to have committed the crime at her daughter's wedding.

The boy allegedly stole a bag containing gold jewellery, smartphones and cash envelopes, all worth Rs. 2 lakh, from the podium when Mariamma wasn't looking.

Modus operandi

Gangs rent children for Rs. 2-5 lakh a year

The thieves who were caught last year all hailed from Madhya Pradesh's Rajgarh village.

Gangs reportedly rent children from their families on a contractual basis for Rs. 2-5 lakh a year.

Once hired, they teach them posh mannerisms so that they easily blend in the crowd of an elite wedding. After being thoroughly trained, the kids are sent to high-profile ceremonies to steal.

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Why do gangs prefer to hire kids for stealing?


Why do gangs prefer to hire kids for stealing?

From travel to lawyers to bail them if they get caught, the gangs arrange everything for the kids they hire.

They prefer children as they are quick learners, cost less, and are rarely jailed even if arrested.

The gang-members are also known to bribe the staff of the venue and catering services to facilitate their entry and provide them with necessary details.

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