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05 Dec 2017

Ghaziabad shocker: Class 5 student 'rapes' Class 2 schoolmate

Class 5 student 'rapes' Class 2 schoolmate

In a disturbing incident, a Class 5 student in Ghaziabad has been accused of raping a Class 2 student.

The incident happened a month ago, but the girl's parents hadn't initially realized why she was suffering from pain.

They lodged a complaint on December 3.

This comes days after a four-year-old in Delhi was accused of raping his female classmate with fingers and pencils.

In context

Class 5 student 'rapes' Class 2 schoolmate
The accused inserted "wooden twigs" inside her vagina


The accused inserted "wooden twigs" inside her vagina

According to the victim's father, the incident happened on November 8. Students had been allowed to leave early due to smog.

Some, including the accused and the victim, were waiting for their parents. He followed when she went to the washroom and assaulted her, inserting a "wooden twig" inside her private parts and slapping her.

Though she told a teacher, no action was taken.

There was a delay in medical care too

She soon started complaining of bleeding, but a pediatrician could spot nothing amiss and simply advised a change of diet. When the bleeding persisted, they took her to another doctor who discovered the assault. When she enquired, the girl told her what had happened.

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Police and school have launched probes

The parents lodged a police complaint on December 3. The next day, they visited the school, where the girl identified the accused.

"The boy confessed to having slapped my daughter," her father said.

Police have conducted a medical examination and lodged an FIR under Section 376, which specifies rape. They are trying to ascertain what happened.

Meanwhile, the school has launched its own investigation.

How do children commit such horrific crimes?


How do children commit such horrific crimes?

Often, minor perpetrators don't realize the harm they are inflicting, experts say. In this case, preliminary reports had revealed the incident happened "when the kids were playing pranks with each other", said Sahibabad SHO Rakesh Singh.

Moreover, children often learn such behavior by imitating what they observe on TV or from adults.

Elders need to explain the difference between good touch and bad touch.

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