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07 Dec 2017

Haryana teen kidnaps 5-year-old, drowns her in water tub

Haryana teenager kidnaps child, drowns her

In a disturbing incident, a 16-year-old boy in Haryana allegedly kidnapped a five-year-old girl, daughter of an acquaintance, and killed her by drowning her in a water tub.

What's more shocking is that he did not show any remorse, said Ambala SP Abhishek Jorwal.

He reportedly told cops the idea to make easy money hit him after watching a Bollywood movie.

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Haryana teenager kidnaps child, drowns her
What happened?


What happened?

The juvenile lured the minor, daughter of his brother-in-law's employer-cum-landlord, into his house yesterday evening; the rest of the family had gone to UP.

When the girl's family couldn't find her, they informed police. In the meantime, a neighbor received a ransom call demanding Rs. 20L.

Fearful, the 16-year-old, who by now knew cops had been alerted, drowned her in a water tub.

Police nabbed him some time after midnight

After tracing the ransom call to his house, police reached the location at around 1am. They found the boy working on his laptop and the girl's body hidden in a water cooler. He was arrested.

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Alarming rise in juvenile delinquency in recent times

The number of juvenile delinquents has risen alarmingly. According to the NCRB, 29,49,400 cases were registered against juveniles in 2015, up from 23,25,575 in 2011.

Experts have attributed this to rising desensitization; decreasing emphasis on values; and the increasingly-darker mass media.

Many have protested lowering of juveniles' age to be tried as adults to 16, arguing their brains are easy to reform.

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