AIIMS team visits school to investigate student's death

1 Feb 2016 | Written by Prachi ; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa

An AIIMS team visited Ryan International School, where class-I student Divyansh had been found drowned in the school premises.

The team of forensic doctors, examined the water tank where the child had been found, to prepare the final post-mortem report.

According to its preliminary post-mortem report, Divyansh died as a result of asphyxia after falling into the pond.

In context: Students drown to death in separate incidents

27 Jan 20165-year old drowns in a septic tank in school

Ankit Kumar, a 5-year-old boy died in a municipal corporation-run primary school in Kapashera, Delhi after he fell into an open septic tank situated in the school's premises.

​The boy remained trapped in the tank for over an hour, despite crying out for help.

A sewage worker working at a nearby site finally managed to bring the boy out of the tank.

27 Jan 2016Boy declared brought dead, school principal faces suspension

The boy was rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital in Gurgaon for treatment, where doctors declared him dead on arrival.

The boy's family, the police and the civic body were not informed about the incident until two hours after the accident.

On 31 January 2016, the school's principal and an executive engineer were suspended after a municipal corporation inquiry found them guilty of negligence.

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The dangers of sewer gases

The gases present in septic tanks, produced by decomposing organic matter are highly toxic and exposure to them can lead to instant asphyxiation.
School booked for negligence

The SchoolSchool booked for negligence

The school premises holds a 7-foot deep septic tank, that was supposed to be covered and locked at all times for safety.

The school had failed to cover the septic tank, after it had been opened for carrying out repairs.

The school authorities have been booked for causing death due to negligence, reporting the matter late to officials and leaving the septic tank uncovered.

Boy's family seeks justice

"We want everyone behind it to be punished. Keeping the lid of a septic tank open inside a primary school for small kids is a negligence of massive proportion" said Ankit's aunt.

30 Jan 2016Another incident: Delhi student drowns in school tank

A class-I student at Ryan International, Divyansh Kakrora, died after falling in a water harvesting tank situated in the school premises.

Divyansh's parents, both paramedics at AIIMS, accused the school for negligence and for withholding the news from them for too long.

The parents called for a CBI probe, alleging foul play.

The police are investigating whether the tank had been left open.

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31 Jan 2016Outrage over student's death at Ryan International school

The school authorities came under heavy criticism and the principal was criticized for not cooperating during investigations.

The principal had said that the deceased suffered from hyperactivity and had walked out of the class on his own.

Following the incident, the Delhi government met to discuss safety issues in schools.

All schools have been asked to file a 'safety report' within a month.

1 Feb 2016AIIMS team visits school to investigate student's death

5 Feb 20165 arrested for negligence in Divyansh Kakrora's death

5 people, including the principal, 1 teacher and 3 non-teaching staff members of south Delhi's Ryan International School have been arrested by the Delhi Police.

A case of negligence was registered and a probe begun.

The parents alleged that that the water storage room where Divyansh was found dead was neither manned nor locked and the school had not alerted them of the accident.

7 Feb 2016Sisodia: Will recommend a CBI probe into student's death

Delhi's Deputy CM said that he will urge a CBI inquiry into the death of Divyansh Kakrora, the student drowned at Ryan International School.

Divyansh's father has alleged to have noticed bruises on his "son's body and private parts", implying a sexual assault and commanded a CBI probe.

He also blamed the police for not investigating the incident thoroughly.