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24 Dec 2017

AIIMS doctors urge PM Modi to understand their stress

In support of protests by government doctors in Rajasthan for higher pay and promotions, resident doctors of AIIMS has asked PM Modi to "live" their life for a day and understand the stress they face.

The AIIMS Resident Doctors' Association (RDA), in a letter, urged the PM to understand the tremendous pressure faced by doctors at government hospitals owing to poor infrastructure.

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Doctors' strike: AIIMS supports Rajasthan doctors

Why PM Modi needs to put on a white apron

"Now RDA AIIMS requests you to...spend one day as a government doctor to understand the tremendous amount of pressure we face, the agony of patients who did not get treatment, the dying healthcare system due to lack of resources and infrastructure," said the AIIMS letter.

Government doctors in Rajasthan remain on indefinite strike

Doctors' strike

Government doctors in Rajasthan remain on indefinite strike

In-service government doctors in Rajasthan went on an indefinite strike on 16th December.

The strike was sparked by the arrest of 86 government doctors under the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA), after the All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors' Association warned of indefinite strike.

Doctors have accused the government of not fulfilling promises and of taking vindictive action against them.

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AIIMS RDA asks PM Modi's help in Rajasthan

"Their [doctors'] demands were previously accepted by the Rajasthan government but now they refuse to fulfil them, resulting in mistrust and anguish among the hardworking doctors. Please instruct the Rajasthan government to fulfil their promises and stop all atrocities against doctors," the letter further said.

Continuing protests

Private doctors to boycott work against government inaction

Striking doctors in Rajasthan have refused to resume their duties despite a directive by the Rajasthan High Court and assurances of no arrests.

Furthermore, Dr. Durgashankar Saini, the general secretary of the All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors' Association, has said in a statement that doctors at private hospitals would also boycott work on 25th December if the government did not initiate corrective measures.

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