BJP lashes out at Congress for land scam allegations

7 Feb 2016 | By Prachi
BJP under the scanner over Gir sanctuary land row

The BJP countered Congress's accusations against PM Narendra Modi of nepotism over the contentious Gir sanctuary land deal Chief Minister, calling it a conspiracy to stall the upcoming parliamentary session.

The party stated that all land dealings in Gujarat were done lawfully through a transparent 3-tier evaluation process.

It accused Congress of attempting to direct attention away from its own involvement in scams.

In context: BJP under the scanner over Gir sanctuary land row

5 Feb 2016The Gir sanctuary land scam

Leading daily Economic Times reported an illegal deal of over 250 acres involving public land near Gir sanctuary in Gujarat.

The land had been allotted to Wildwood Resorts in 2010-11 at Rs.15 per square metre, a fraction of the market rate.

The nodal office for land allotments, headed by Anandiben Patel then, approved the land use to be changed from agricultural to non-agricultural.

5 Feb 2016Allegations against Gujarat CM, daughter

The report revealed that Anar Patel, Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel's daughter and Wildwood's promotor Dakshesh Shah worked together as business partners.

Anar Patel came under suspicion for influencing the land as her firms had carried out several transactions with Wildwoods and other companies owned by its owners.

Wildwoods' promotors Shah and Seth were also on the board of investors of Anar's business ventures.

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Shah as Anar Patel's business partner

Dakshesh Shah owns 50% stakes in Anar Patel's company Anar Shah Pvt. Ltd. Shah's firm Parshva Texchem, is a shareholder in Anar's Relish Pharmaceuticals. They are both directors of Anar Project and Relish.

5 Feb 2016PM Modi cautions Anandiben, Anar Patel defends accusations

BJP's members were reportedly growing concerned about the increasing interference in governance and decision-making by Gujarat CM Anandiben's children, Anar and Shwetank Patel.

PM Modi cautioned Anandiben to rectify her image following the Economic Times report.

Anar Patel responded to the Economic Times report through a Facebook post, stating her innocence and commitment to ethical business given her 22-years social work experience.

Anar Patel's businesses and social work

Anar Patel, Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel's daughter, runs pharmaceutical, financial and retail businesses under Anar Projects Ltd. and an NGO, Manav Sadana, that focusses on sanitation and handicraft development.

6 Feb 2016Congress demands Supreme Court probe, Gujarat CM's resignation

Accusing PM Modi of nepotism, the Congress stated that the party would demand a fair investigation of the Gujarat land deal in the upcoming Parliamentary session.

The Congress demanded a Special Investigation Team ( SIT) probe under the Supreme Court's guidance to investigate the matter.

It also called for Gujarat CM Anitaben to hand in her resignation to ensure a fair probe.

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7 Feb 2016BJP lashes out at Congress for land scam allegations