India's first 'Robocop' launched in Hyderabad, named after 26/11 martyr

31 Dec 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray

Hyderabad becomes the first city in India, and the second place in the world to deploy a police robot.

Developed by Hyderabad-based AI and machine learning start-up H-Bots Robotics, India's first 'Robocop' can perform police duties both indoors and outdoors and has the versatility to play several different roles.

H-Bots will be field testing it over the next six months before commercial deployment.

In context: Meet India's first 'Robocop'

31 Dec 2017India's first 'Robocop' launched in Hyderabad, named after 26/11 martyr

India is the only country using indigenous police robots

Dubai is the only other place in the world to deploy police robots. However, the police robots in use in Dubai were manufactured in France whereas Hyderabad's robots will be indigenously manufactured.
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The robot houses an array of sensors and other equipment

EquipmentThe robot houses an array of sensors and other equipment

The lifesize robot with in-built artificial intelligence is 5 ft 7 inch tall, and weighs 43kg.

The robot has 24/7 connectivity so its whereabouts can be remotely monitored.

It's equipped with cameras and an array of different sensors like ultrasonic, proximity, and temperature sensors.

The robot has the ability to communicate in six different languages with English in-built. Regional languages are currently under testing.

India's robot is superior to the ones in Dubai

"Unlike the Police Robot currently used in Dubai, which moves only on wheels, our robot can walk, recognise people, take complaints and detect and defuse bombs too," said H-Bots Robotics founder PSV Krisshhan.

RolesThe police robot can fill several different roles

The robot can walk, recognize people, identify suspects, record audio and video, communicate, receive complaints, and also has the ability to detect metals, monitor temperature, and defuse bombs.

It's designed specifically to protect and secure places like offices, malls, airports, signal posts, and other public spaces, and can take care of security if deployed autonomously.

The robot can also handle traffic management.

The name of India's first 'Robocop'

The robot has been named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare, and all future smart police robots produced by H-Bots Robotics will be named after police martyrs, said Krisshhan.
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CostCosts of operating such robots

The cost of each robot ranges from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh, depending on what capabilities it comes with.

Apart from its policing capabilities, the robot can further be used as an assistant for database handling, control room surveillance, mapping inside buildings, building space security, and friendly interactions.

Coupled with an automatic charging station, the robot can work tirelessly 24x7.

Current manufacturing capacity of H-Bots Robotics

"We are building capacity to produce 10 such Private Police Robots a year which can serve as private security guards and can be deployed in hotels, hospitals and offices," added Krisshhan.