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03 Jan 2018

Here's how to link Aadhaar with SIM from your home

Linking Aadhaar-SIM from the comfort of your home

The process for linking Aadhaar to SIM is now ongoing, and the deadline is March 31.

The re-verification process has been eased after several complaints by consumers: all it takes now is one call. There's no system to do it online yet.

Earlier, consumers had to physically visit stores for the process.

Here's how you can get it done at home.

In context

Linking Aadhaar-SIM from the comfort of your home
Follow these steps to complete re-verification


Follow these steps to complete re-verification

Irrespective of operator, call the toll-free number 14546. Choose if you are an Indian national or an NRI.

Next, press 1 to consent to link Aadhaar with phone. Enter your Aadhaar number, then press 1 to confirm.

Now, enter your phone number and confirm it.

If the number is correct, enter the OTP you have been sent. Press 1 to complete the process.

Things to remember

The OTP is valid for 30 minutes, so if the call gets disconnected midway, you can use the same. Subscribers on corporate plans don't need to undergo re-verification. Since Jio uses Aadhaar to activate SIMs, customers don't need to re-verify again.

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Final SC hearing on mandatory Aadhaar in January

The SC is hearing petitions against mandatory Aadhaar and will conduct the final hearing on January 17.

Those arguing against Aadhaar said the Center shouldn't be allowed to take coercive action if someone refuses to provide Aadhaar details.

Despite the SC insisting no one can be deprived based on Aadhaar, the Center has extended its scope more and more.

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