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10 Jan 2018

After Najeeb Ahmed, another student goes missing from JNU

A research scholar of IGNOU has gone missing from the JNU campus, Delhi police has said.

Mukul Jain, a PhD student at IGNOU, had a co-guide at JNU's School of Life Sciences, and used a laboratory in the campus for research.

Police said some differences had cropped up between him and a woman he had recently befriended.

He was last seen two days ago.

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Another student missing from JNU campus
What happened?


What happened?

Jain was registered with IGNOU's Life Sciences department and used to work with a co-guide at JNU.

CCTV footage shows him leaving through the East Gate on Monday noon.

Police say they have talked to his family, but they didn't provide much useful information.

An investigator says Jain was planning to confront his friend, but wasn't being able to contact her.

Najeeb Ahmed

Najeeb Ahmed, gone missing 1.5 years ago, still not found

In October'16, M.Sc student Najeeb Ahmed had gone missing from JNU's Mahi-Mandvi hostel, a day after a scuffle with other students allegedly affiliated to ABVP.

There is no confirmation of his whereabouts yet.

A 20-year-old had been arrested for kidnapping Ahmed and making ransom calls, but the probe didn't offer anything conclusive.

The CBI is now investigating the case.

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