SC officials get washing allowance up to Rs. 21,000 annually

16 Jan 2018 | By Ankita

After tedious bargaining, the Finance Ministry has allowed a dress and washing allowance of up to Rs. 21,000 per annum for the officers in the apex court, effective from December 14, 2017.

The top-ranking officials, including the Secretary-General, will be granted Rs.1,750 monthly whereas the non-clerical staff will receive Rs.1,350 per month.

For the other officials, a monthly grant of Rs.1,250 will be provided.

In context: Finance Ministry grants washing allowance for SC officials

BackgroundHaggle for the washing allowance of government employees

In a letter dated October 13, 2013, the registrar of the apex court wrote to the Centre for the sanction of a washing allowance.

The government argued that all such allowances have been discontinued for all but the troops after the Seventh Pay Commission in 2016.

In July 2017, the SC asked the Centre to take a final call on the issue.

16 Jan 2018SC officials get washing allowance up to Rs. 21,000 annually

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The Seventh Pay Commission

The Seventh Pay Commission, implemented in 2016, had merged all dress and washing allowance into one composite allowance for the troops and officers. Prior to its implementation, the officers enjoyed several allowances such as uniform allowance, kit maintenance, robe allowance, shoe allowance etc.
SC officials get higher washing allowance than the Army!

ComparisonSC officials get higher washing allowance than the Army!

The composite dress and washing allowance offered to SC officials is equal to that enjoyed by the Special Protection Groups.

The Indian Army, Navy, Air-Force and paramilitary forces (BSF and CRPF) receive lesser for buying and maintaining their uniform.

The SPG officers get the highest marked at Rs. 21,225-27,800 per annum while the Army, Navy and Air-Force are granted up to Rs. 20,000 annually.