Haryana shamed: 3 brutal rapes within one week


16 Jan 2018

Haryana doesn't deserve its women: Three rapes in six days

Two minors and one 22-year-old woman were brutally gang-raped in three separate incidents in Haryana between Friday and Sunday.

Like always, the police and government have assured affected families speedy investigation and justice. But can justice ever match prevention? Will it bring back the girls who were mutilated, butchered?

The authorities would ensure that no other female suffers such cruelty again. But will it?


11-year-old killed, raped after death

11-year-old killed, raped after death

An 11-year-old Dalit girl on her way to throw garbage was kidnapped on Saturday in Panipat by two men of her village.

They tried to rape her at a deserted place. When she resisted, they strangulated her to death and then raped her corpse.

Her semi-naked, mutilated body was found near a garbage heap on Sunday morning.

The two accused have been arrested.


When even death doesn't stop perpetrators

In another shockingly similar incident, the disfigured, naked body of a 15-year-old, who went missing on January 9, was discovered in Jind's Budhakhera village on Friday.

She had violent injuries on her face and inside her mouth. Her private parts were destroyed and liver ruptured. An attempt was made to drown her. Investigators say her rapists continued to violate her even after she died.

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December 16 again: 23-year-old abducted, gang-raped in moving car

Much like the December 16 Delhi gang-rape, only five years and countless other rapes later, another 23-year-old woman was kidnapped and gang-raped.

This one, however, was walking home from work when she was pulled into a moving car in Old Faridabad area on Saturday evening and raped by three men for two hours.

She was later thrown near Sikri village on Mathura Road.


Until stringent systemic long-term measures are taken

Women and girls, don't step out - not to attend tuition, to work or even throw trash. Especially if you live in Haryana.

No, this isn't patriarchy trying to confirm. This is sheer concern wanting to protect. For our roads are dangerous, men beasts, and justice system uncaring. You may be 11, 15, 22 or 100. It doesn't matter. You are not safe. Anywhere.

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