Drug peddler nabbed after he declares income of Rs. 40L!

30 Jan 2018 | By Gogona Saikia

A drug peddler was nabbed in Bengaluru, only because he decided to file his income tax returns.

Thirty-four-year-old Rachappa Ranga, known publicly as a construction laborer, has been peddling drugs since 2013 and earned crores.

In 2017-18, he declared Rs. 40L as income. There's no information on why he decided to do it.

The declaration led I-T sleuths, and eventually the police, to him.

In context: Drug peddler gets caught after filing tax returns

30 Jan 2018Drug peddler nabbed after he declares income of Rs. 40L!

DetailsIn four years, he had built a major drug-peddling network

Ranga, a matriculate, had arrived in Bengaluru as a laborer, but took to peddling drugs in 2013.

Among his products was top-quality marijuana priced Rs. 35,000 a kilo, of which he sold 30kgs every month.

He had recruited other youths too.

Earning crores, he had bought a swanky car and property and was renting a villa on Kanakapura Road at Rs. 40,000 a month.

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Ranga arrested, lots of drugs and cash seized

ArrestRanga arrested, lots of drugs and cash seized

Ranga came under the scanner after filing tax returns. I-T scrutinized his details and informed police.

On lawyers' advice, he registered himself as a Class-I contractor, but cops kept an eye on him.

On January 20, they received intel about his movement. Ranga and an associate were nabbed, but his ganja supplier escaped.

Cops also seized 26kg ganja, Rs. 5L cash and their car.