UP: 13 men sexually exploit widow, end up with HIV

30 Jan 2018 | By Gogona Saikia
Cost of exploiting a woman? This time, HIV

At least 13 men in Gorakhpur's Bhathat block decided to sexually exploit a widow who was desperately seeking her widow pension and a ration card.

They promised her they would help her, but continued using her.

Imagine their shock when three months ago, the woman fell sick and was diagnosed with AIDS.

Turns out, all 13 of them had contracted HIV too.

In context: Cost of exploiting a woman? This time, HIV

30 Jan 2018UP: 13 men sexually exploit widow, end up with HIV

DetailsThe woman was lured on the promise of pension

The woman's husband died three years ago and she wanted to arrange her pension.

Someone took her to the village pradhan, who assured her help and on that pretext, developed a sexual relationship with her.

Later, 12 other men did the same thing, promising help.

But three months ago, she visited the hospital when she fell sick and found out she had AIDS.

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StatusAll 13 men are currently undergoing treatment for AIDS

News spread fast in the village. Alarmed, the 13 men rushed to the hospital to get themselves checked out.

Medical reports confirmed they all had been contaminated.

They are now undergoing treatment at BRD Medical College.

Reportedly, the woman was infected by her husband, who died due to some unknown illness.

She unknowingly ended up infecting the 13 men.