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03 Feb 2018

Delhi HC to AAP: "For Heaven's sake, do your duty"

AAP Government's inaction on vector-borne diseases irks HC

AAP's whining, that it isn't getting support from other authorities, has now exasperated the Delhi HC.

It pulled up AAP for failing to monitor the issue of waste management, resulting in the rising cases of vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria.

An infuriated Delhi HC bellowed "For heaven's sake, do your duty."

What is the situation in the national capital?

Here's more about it.

In context

AAP Government's inaction on vector-borne diseases irks HC
What is the 'vector-borne diseases' situation in Delhi?

Vector-borne diseases

What is the 'vector-borne diseases' situation in Delhi?

Cases of vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya are usually reported in Delhi between mid-July and mid-December. Last year, these diseases affected 9,271 people in Delhi.

However, in January this year, already five cases of dengue have been reported.

Due to this early on-set, Delhi HC got into overdrive. It concluded that lack of waste management is responsible for this rise.

Waste management

Earlier, court asked framing of draft bye-laws for waste management

After connecting the dots that garbage and lack of cleanliness were responsible for vector-borne diseases, Delhi HC asked AAP government to frame the bye-laws for solid waste management.

The court began looking into the matter after environmental experts like Sunita Narain, Almitra Patel and M C Mehta complained about the issue based on two PILS, filed by lawyers Arpit Bhargava and Gauri Grover.

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So, did the government frame the bye-laws?

New bye-laws

So, did the government frame the bye-laws?

Following the court's orders, a 16-member committee framed the bye-laws, which government notified on Independence Day. Solid Waste Management Bye-Laws 2018 will be enforced by Delhi's five municipal bodies.

It prescribes 10 different types of fines for various violations like not separating dry and wet trash and open burning of garbage.

It also depends on whether the violator is a household, hospital, factory etc.

Delhi HC

Now, why was the court infuriated with AAP government?

Following the most recent dengue cases, AAP government blamed corporations' inaction. This angered Delhi HC. It asked the government "Don't you have any responsibility?"

It added, "It is always you (the Delhi government) versus the Centre, the corporations, some statutory authority. It has to be only versus? Can't you work together?"

It lamented that because the executive failed, court had to monitor the issue of waste management.

What has Delhi HC asked government to do?

Proposed steps

What has Delhi HC asked government to do?

Delhi HC asked government to look at "reducing garbage generation, instead of more landfill sites. Else, soon Delhi will move out and only landfills will remain."

It noted that government was yet to publicize and put up on its website the new waste management laws.

For the next February 27 hearing, court wants to know the number of challans issued under new bye-laws.

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