Witnesses recount horrific Ankit Saxena murder


05 Feb 2018

Girlfriend's family planned Ankit Saxena's murder: Witnesses recount horror

Disturbing details continue to emerge in the horrific Ankit Saxena murder case in Delhi.

It has now come to light that the family of Ankit's Muslim girlfriend, who were opposed to their relationship, had planned the murder carefully.

On the fateful day, her mother intentionally rammed her scooter into his car, using road rage as an excuse to confront him. Here's what happened.


Last Thursday, Shehzadi's family discovered she had hidden her relationship

Last Thursday, Shehzadi's family discovered she had hidden her relationship

23-year-old photographer Ankit was stabbed in cold blood by the parents of his girlfriend Shehzadi, who lived in the same neighborhood.

Her parents had objected to the relationship, and the two claimed they weren't in touch with each other anymore.

But on February 1, her younger brother saw Ankit's message on her phone and confronted her. Angered, she left the house to meet Ankit.

Ankit caught on CCTV camera minutes before death

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Her family then hatched a plan to kill him

Shehzadi's family planned to kill the two. When he arrived, her mother wearing a helmet rode her scooter right into his car, a witness said.

He didn't know it was Shehzadi's mother and got down to check the damage. That was when her family members confronted him, but he kept denying involvement with Shehzadi.

Meanwhile, Ankit's mother had arrived, and they assaulted her too.


Ankit was killed when he went to help his mother

Ankit was killed when he went to help his mother

As Ankit rushed to his mother's help, Shehzadi's uncle and brother pulled him up by his hair and held his arms. Her father then slit his throat with a knife.

Witnesses said he didn't go down immediately, but walked several meters for 3-4 minutes before collapsing.

Ankit's parents have alleged autorickshaw drivers kept passing by but refused to help.


All four involved nabbed, Shehzadi sent to Nari Niketan

After the attack, Shehzadi's kin fled to a relative's house in Rohini, but all four, including her minor brother, were nabbed.

There was heavy police deployment to check possible incidents of communal violence.

Shehzadi's relatives have been staying indoors due to fear of reprisal. She herself claimed threats to her life and has been sent to Nari Niketan.

Ankit's family has been given security.

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