Sunny Leone is scaring farmers away in Andhra Pradesh

14 Feb 2018 | By NewsBytes Desk

Former porn star and now a Bollywood sensation, Sunny Leone, has come to the aid of a farmer from Andhra Pradesh, who is using a sultry poster of her and not a scarecrow to "ward off evil eye".

The novel idea is the brainchild of A Chenchu Reddy, a resident of Banda Kindi Palle village in Andhra's Nellore district. And it's working.

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In context: Andhra farmer finds help in Sunny Leone

14 Feb 2018Sunny Leone is scaring farmers away in Andhra Pradesh

Self defenseSunny Leone asks farmers to not cry, feel jealous

In the middle of a vast farmland, Sunny, wearing a red bikini, looks straight at you. On her big flax poster is also written: "Orey, nannu chusi edavakura" which is Telugu for "Hey, don't cry or feel jealous of me!"

Reddy, 45, told Hindustan Times that his bumper cauliflower-cabbage crop, spread across 10 acres, had been attracting unwanted attention of fellow villagers.

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Success'No one is looking at my crop now'

Arguably a first of its kind, Reddy's idea has worked. Other farmers are too mindful to look towards his vegetable crop now.

As for the police or local government bodies raising objection, Reddy says they never visit the fields and hence would never know.

No straw-filled scarecrows or pumpkin heads or fearsome dolls or demons on metal plates, it's Sunny Leone to the rescue.