Tamil Nadu: Transgender secures government job

4 Mar 2016 | By Ramya

Jaya, a transgender has been appointed as a noon meal organizer at a government school in Erapakkam village, Tiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu.

The 23-year-old who was abandoned by her family sees this opportunity as a ray of hope to lead a dignified life and overcome the social stigma.

She is the second transgender to get a government post after Prithika, a sub-inspector of police.

In context: Transgenders: Fighting against discrimination

15 Apr 2014SC recognizes the third-gender

The Supreme Court of India had recognized the transgender as the 'third-gender' in a ruling.

The SC stated that transgenders would be given employment and educational reservation as OBCs and economically backward.

It had directed the government to devise social-awareness campaigns to remove the social stigma.

This decision was applicable only to the transgender and not to other LGBT communities of the society.

Seventh country in the world to recognize third-gender

In April 2014, India became the seventh country in the world to recognize the transgender as the third-gender. The Supreme Court had issued the landmark ruling regarding transgender social status and welfare.
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No change in the lives of transgender people

10 Jul 2015No change in the lives of transgender people

Even after a year since SC's third-gender recognition, many transgender people still faced discrimination in education and employment fields.

Many activists stated that the SC's rule didn't change the lives of transgender people who still worked as street-entertainers or beggars.

Ambalika Roy, a lawyer had stated that the law cannot change people's mindset but it is a strong weapon to access the transgender rights.

5 Feb 2016Madras HC orders Municipal-commissioner to accept application

The Madras HC had ordered the Dindigul Collector and Municipal Commissioner to accept Monal, a transgender's application for the post of meal-organizer and issue her a call letter.

Monal had applied for the job reserved for women but, didn't receive any notification or call letter for the scheduled interview process.

The HC gave its decision while dealing with Monal's written petition asking for justice.

India’s first transgender entrepreneur

Kalki Subramaniam is India’s first transgender entrepreneur who set up Brand Kalki which manufactures handicrafts, metallophones and wind chimes. She is also a journalist, writer, actor and activist, and holds a Masters in International Relations and Journalism and Mass Communication.

16 Feb 2016Prithika Yashini, India’s first transgender Sub-inspector

K Prithika Yashini became the first-transgender to get a government job as a Sub-inspector of Tamil Nadu Police Force in Salem.

Prithika, 25, was one of the 22 people to secure the appointment orders for the post.

Earlier, she had been rejected by Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board for being a third-gender but, she fought and appeared for both written and physical tests.

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4 Mar 2016Tamil Nadu: Transgender secures government job