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15 Feb 2018

Train passenger gets punished for snoring too loudly

In a strange incident, a man on-board a long-distance train was "punished" by fellow passengers on Thursday for snoring too loudly.

The occupants of an AC three-tier coach of LTT-Darbhanga Pawan Express didn't let the man, Ramchandra, sleep for six hours as his loud snores disturbed other sleeping travellers, reported news agency PTI.

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In context

Passenger snoring too loudly in train 'punished'


No complaint filed, the matter sorted out amicably

The passengers arrived at the punishment after a heated argument with Ramchandra, who eventually gave in.

But despite being reprimanded, he didn't file a complaint or accuse his fellow passengers of harassment, Ganesh S Virha, Jabalpur division's chief ticket inspector, told PTI.

"In such cases, we take the help of the RPF or the GRP, but thankfully this matter sorted out amicably," Virha said.


Snoring passengers on trains not unique

According to Virha, he had asked Ramchandra if he felt victimized and wanted to file a complaint with the GRP, but Ramchandra didn't want to report the matter.

Virha claims that all the involved passengers had sorted out their differences by the time he visited their coach next.

Snoring passengers are a common problem in trains across India and get complained about frequently.

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