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15 Feb 2018

Woman posing as man marries two women for dowry

Bizarre: Woman poses as a man for dowry

In a bizarre case, a woman has been arrested in Uttarakhand for posing as a man and marrying two women for dowry.

Sweety Sen alias Krishna Sen would look for targets on Facebook and enticed them for marriage. She even tortured her "second wife," officials said.

After marriage, she wouldn't let her "wives" touch her and sustained physical relationships using sex toys.

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Bizarre: Woman poses as a man for dowry
Sweety says she was a tomboy since childhood


Sweety says she was a tomboy since childhood

Sweety, hailing from UP's Bijnor, says she has always been a tomboy. She used to keep her hair short, ride bikes and smoke cigarettes.

In 2013, she made a Facebook profile under Krishna Sen's name.

Through it, she reached out to a woman in Haldwani and married her in 2014. Two years later, she married another woman from Kaladhungi.


First "wife" approached police when they found out

According to police, Sweety used to beat the first "wife" for dowry. Eventually, she took Rs. 8.5L from her family.

The second "wife" attended Sweety's first marriage as a guest. After marrying her, Sweety kept both of them together.

But they finally found out she was actually a woman. The second "wife" kept quiet when Sweety offered her money, but the first approached police.

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Medical examination has confirmed Sweety is a woman

The "wife" lodged a complaint against Sweety over dowry demands and threats, following which police arrested her from Nainital. A medical examination has confirmed she's a woman. Cops are now looking out for her relatives who were present at her weddings.

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