Nirbhaya rape convict attempts suicide

25 Aug 2016 | Written by Gaurav ; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa
Nirbhaya case: The incident that shook the nation

Vinay Sharma, one of the main accused the in the 16 December gang-rape case that shocked the nation attempted suicide in jail.

Officials said Sharma attempted to hang himself with a towel, when he was spotted by security guards who managed to stop him.

Another convict, Ram Singh who was driving the bus, was found hanging in jail in 2013.

In context: Nirbhaya case: The incident that shook the nation

16 Dec 2012Joyriders assault, rape a 23-year-old

On the night of 16 December 2012, Nirbhaya (name changed) accompanied by a male friend boarded a bus at Munirka for Dwarka.

The bus had 6 men who assaulted both Nirbhaya and her friend.

Nirbhaya was dragged to the rear end of the moving bus and brutally raped.

After being raped, the assailants hurled Nirbhaya and her friend out of the bus.

Nirbhaya no more

On 28 December 2012, 12 days after she suffered serious "injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault", Nirbhaya succumbed to her injuries and died in Singapore.
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Protests A nation stirred by rape protests

Public protests took place in New Delhi on 21 December 2012 at India Gate and Raisina Hill, where the protesters were baton charged, water-cannoned and arrested.

Similar protests were seen in the entire country with thousands holding silent marches to demand justice for 'Nirbhaya'.

Other Asian countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh marched and rallied for Nirbhaya's cause.

10 Sep 2013Juvenile gets 3 years, others get the noose

Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta, Akshay Thakur and an unnamed juvenile defendant were all arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder.

The juvenile convict (17 at the time of rape) was given the maximum-sentence of three years' imprisonment in a reform facility.

On 10 September 2013, 4 convicts were sentenced to death (1 had died in jail by hanging himself).

20 Dec 2015Juvenile convict in Nirbhaya case released

Despite the efforts of Nirbhaya's parents and those protesting against the juvenile's release, the court refused to alter the juvenile's sentence.

On 20 December 2015, the juvenile convict was released from the Timarpaur Correctional Home today, after serving his three-year sentence.

Though disappointed, Nirbhaya's parents approached the PM, asking him to support Juvenile Justice Bill and help it become a law.

22 Dec 2015Dawn of new era: India gets a new Juvenile Justice Bill

The Juvenile Justice Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha.

The law will now permit kids between "16-18 years to be tried as adults in heinous crime cases."

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi explained that no juvenile offender would be sent to jail directly. Only a psychologist would decide if the offense is committed with an adult-frame-of-mind or 'child-like'.

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25 Aug 2016Nirbhaya rape convict attempts suicide

05 May 2017Nirbhaya rape case: 4 convicts get death sentence, rules SC

The Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence for the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape case.

Akshay, Pawan, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh had challenged the Delhi HC's confirmation of their death sentence, awarded by a trial court in 2013.

"We have full faith in the judicial system," Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi earlier said.