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06 Mar 2018

Doordarshan may soon have Kaun Banega Crorepati for Kashmir

Kashmir to have its own version of KBC

The central government is mulling over creating a Kaun Banega Crorepati with Doordarshan exclusively for Kashmiris.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has been in talks with the state-owned broadcaster to create entertaining TV shows for the Valley's residents to promote peace, secularism and patriotism in the region.

According to Hindustan Times, they are considering KBC and singing/dancing talent shows for now.

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In context

Kashmir to have its own version of KBC
Another shot at image rebuilding by Indian government in Kashmir


Another shot at image rebuilding by Indian government in Kashmir

Along with helping DD build viewership in the state, the tele shows also aim to make the Kashmiris aware of India's many cultures, democratic values, communal harmony and warn them against fundamentalism.

With this latest attempt at image-building, the government hopes to portray security forces in a positive light and highlight its developmental work in the Valley through the shows.

Refocusing the lens

Kashmir needs much more than entertainment to change its narrative

However, experts are wary. Arguing that the socio-political situation in Kashmir is too grave to be rectified by TV entertainment alone, they demand for real, serious on-ground changes in attitudes and actions.

Former home secretary GK Pillai, who has undertaken similar projects, told HT, "You can keep talking about developmental work but if ground realities reflect something different, the entire project will fall apart."

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Entertainment a great tool but inefficient in the Valley

Security expert Ajay Sahni told HT that though such projects were important for the "articulation of Indian secularism" and furthering the sentiments of national unity in Kashmir, they have largely failed to make any impact whatsoever in the conflict-torn state.

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